Ralph Windsor is a writer and consultant who authors documentation, education and learning materials about quantitative financial data analysis, digital assets, metadata & taxonomies, digital asset management and software applications.

Website: http://ralphwindsor.com
Telephone: +44(0)20 7096 1471
Twitter: @marketglossary


The following terms have been created or edited by Ralph.

Bearish (created: 26/07/2016, edited: 26/07/2016)
Bullish (created: 26/07/2016, edited: 26/07/2016)
Dividends (created: 20/06/2016, edited: 20/06/2016)
Equities (created: 20/06/2016, edited: 20/06/2016)
Ex-dividend (created: 22/07/2016, edited: 22/07/2016)
Exchange (created: 24/01/2017, edited: 24/01/2017)
Index (created: 21/07/2016, edited: 21/07/2016)
Market Capitalisation (created: 21/07/2016, edited: 21/07/2016)
Sentiment (created: 26/07/2016, edited: 26/07/2016)
Shares (created: 20/06/2016, edited: 20/06/2016)
Stocks (created: 16/09/2015, edited: 20/06/2016)
Yield (created: 21/07/2016, edited: 21/07/2016)


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